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Your Personalised Budget Guide

Unlock the money saving secrets of Stockholm in 2024. We provide Brits with the information to save a minimum of £500 on their next trip to Stockholm. Just fill out our quick survey and within 48 hours you will receive your personalised savings guide by email. If we don't provide you with the information to save a minimum of £500, you will get a full refund and we will work with you, for free, until we do!

Your order confirmation email will contain a link to your travel survey.

Check out our Example Guide in images!

What our service includes?

We will recommend personalised money saving suggestions to the value of £500 minimum based on your survey responses that you can use on your next trip. We
will explain the lesser-known travel discounts, the tips of the locals and the tourist traps to avoid.

When will you receive your guide?

We will deliver your personalised money saving guide in 48 hours of receiving your survey response.

What happens if we cannot save you £500?

You will get your money back as soon as possible. Just email requesting the refund and the money will be sent back to you. We will also work
with you, for free, until we provide you with the information to save £500.

Best case scenario: You are provided with the information to save £500 on your next European trip.

Worst case scenario: We do not provide you with the
information to save the full £500 savings. You get your refund immediately and
we still work with you to get the £500 value in savings free of charge.

It is a Win-Win.

We have one aim, to make European travel cheap and easy for Brits. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to travel, but not everyone can. There are various  road block to traveling for Brits the most common of which being cost. Our goal is to remove this restriction by making travel affordable. 

With just a few clicks, you can unlock a tailored budget guide designed exclusively for you within 48 hours to save you a minimum of £500 on your next trip or your money back.

How it Works:

1. Fill out our Traveler's Questionnaire: Tell us about your trip. Where you are going, when, who with, your interests, preferences, and travel style. Whether you're a culture connoisseur, a foodie, an adventure seeker, or all of the above, we'll customize your budget recommendations accordingly.

2. Personalized Budget Travel Document: We will then curate a detailed document outlining how you can save a minimum of £500 on your trip based on your suggested preferences. You will receive this within 48 hours of submitting your questionnaire. 

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